Build-A-Bike ® Team Building Logistics

Order Bikes and Materials, Become an Instructor, and Train-the-Trainer


Become a Licensed Build-A-Bike ® Instructor

Are you an instructor or speaker who wants to facilitate Build-A-Bike ® team building events on a contract basis? You can become a licensed Build-A-Bike ® provider in three simple steps.

  1.  APPLY: Send us a biography and/or a sample video of you (or someone from your team) speaking to . We choose license holders based on expertise in the genre and presentation style.
  2. CONTRACT:  Sign a license agreement that will allow you to use the official Build-A-Bike ® trademark on your marketing materials, purchase official Build-A-Bike ® bicycles and materials at a wholesale price, and become listed on our websites as official Build-A-Bike ® license holder.
  3. TRAIN: Attend our turn-key train-the-trainer program. We'll show you have to use integrated team building modules to customize a Build-A-Bike ® program for every group!

You can also call our instruction team directly at  214-766-2313 for details!

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