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Build-A-Bike ® was the original philanthropic team building event, and it is still one of the few team building activities that people ask for by name. The first official Build-A-Bike ® activity was delivered in Dallas, Texas in 2005, and since then, almost10,000 events have been taught all over the world. In that time, over 40,000 bicycles have been donated to underprivileged children. Total donations, including cash donations, bicycles, helmets, and materials to charity now exceed over $4 Million dollars to charity!

Build-A-Bike ® is the perfect balance of fun team bonding, community development, and camaraderie. In fact, many groups conduct Build-A-Bike ® events every year!

Not All Bike Team Building is Build-A-Bike ®

However, not all bike team building event are Build-A-Bike ® events! Since 2005, over 100 instructors and facilitators have been certified to teach the official Build-A-Bike ® program. Face it, building a bicycle is not fun. However, our certified instructors are experts at inserting fun and humor into any meeting or activity.

Look for the registered trademark symbol [ ® ] to make sure your bike team building event is an official Build-A-Bike ® program!

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