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Build-A-Bike ® bicycle team building

Do-It-Yourself Kits!

Need to order bikes and helmets for your charity team building event? Our warehouse will happily ship you a Build-A-Bike ® in a box or just the materials that you need to  plan your perfect event. So, if you are just building bicycles and want to purchase quality bicycles at a wholesale price, we have you covered. Need to add some helmets? We still have you covered. Keep in mind tat the actual building of the bicycles isn't the "fun" part of the event. So if you want the activity to be fun. we can give your team leader a few activities to charge the crowd up. And if you want us to contact a dependable charity for you, we are happy to help with that as well. Your materials will arrive at your destination on the exact date that you request.

You choose the activities that we do and the activities that your team does, so you can make this solution fit just about any budget.

Co-Brand Build-A-Bike ®

Own a Team Building Company and Want to Offer Build-A-Bike ® to Your Clients?

We can also supply team building companies who offer charity team building activities. You actually sell bicycles to your competitors? Well, yeah. Our philosophy is that the more Build-A-Bike ® team building events that are facilitated every year, the more popular the activity becomes! We when created Build-A-Bike ®, 17 years ago, we had to overcome a lot of challenges. (You don't have to go through the same growing pains that we did!)

  • Problem #1, Purchasing Supplies: When we first started, we didn't have 1000's of customers, so we had to buy our bikes, helmets, and materials retail. The cost was extraordinary, and big events (or multiple events on the same day) were challenging to supply.
  • Problem #2, Logistics: Eventually, we began to contract with bicycle manufacturers for retail purchases, but, often, we need the bicycles and supplies to arrive at a hotel on an exact day. The wholesaler, however, would only give us a three to five day window for delivery.
  • Problem #3, Quality: We needed bicycles that were high quality bikes, but not difficult to assemble (no hand-brakes or gears, for example). The simple bikes looked cheap, though.
  • Problem #4, The Charity: We experimented with hundreds of different children's charities, and interestingly, many were not that dependable. Some wouldn't show up to receive the gift. Some would bring the wrong number of boys and girls, so a boy might receive a girl's bike or vice-versa. So, an otherwise perfect event might end on a sour note because of something outside of our control.

We Found Solutions to ALL of these Challenges, so Your Event will be Perfect!

All of our certified license holders get the benefit of these solutions! Fill out the form below, or call our licnese holder line at 214-766-2313 for details!

 Our Solutions

  • We manufacture and warehouse our own Build-A-Bike ® bicycles.
  • Our warehouse in San Antonio can ship bikes, helmets, and materials that will  be delivered on an exact day.
  • Our bikes are unisex. Bike colors are popular with both boys and girls.
  • We have an extensive list of charities categorized by quality past experience.
  • We can co-brand the materials with your company logo.
  • You pay a wholesale fee! 

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Build-A-Bike ® bicycle team building

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